Focus Trainer App: Focus Timer & Self-Reflection

Train your focus and learn from interruptions.

Set a Focus Timer

Decide for how long you want to focus – 25 minutes if you follow the popular Pomodoro technique – and start the focus timer. Focus on your task until the time runs out. Resist all distractions. Reset the timer if you let yourself get distracted.

Focus timer
Improve focus step by step

Improve Focus Step by Step

Focusing is a skill that needs to be trained. Just like with other skills, start small and work yourself up. Focus Trainer will gradually increase the length of your focus sessions. So you can easily grow your attention span from that of a goldfish to that of a zen monk.

Dump Distractions

Sometimes the inevitable distraction will pop up. A tangent thought, a shoutout from a coworker, or just a random idea. Before you let yourself get lead away from your focus, braindump it directly in the app. Write it down. Get back to your focus topic before you break your session.

Once your focus session is complete, you can pick it back up. Follow that thought, call back that coworker, explore that idea.

Note tempting distractions and get back to them later
Reflect on the reasons for interruptions

Reflect on Interruptions

Did you complete your focus session? Great! Not? Learn from it! Quickly note what caused you to break concentration.

Learn & Improve

Every once in a while, take a look at your collected reflections in the app. Focus Trainer will show you the most common reasons for interruptions. Tackle those first.

Learn from your experiences
Coming Soon for iPhone and Android
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Beyond Focus Timers

Attention management with focus timers is just one area of time management. Once you have mastered focusing you can look to improve other areas of productivity.

Check out our time management app Focality to improve your goal setting and planning. It combines deep planning, self-reflection, and data-driven insights in one single product. Take control of your life and constantly improve yourself.

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