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Achieve your goals with deep planning, reflection and data-driven insights.

Deep Planning

Common plans are sequential. You break your goals down into steps and order them into a timeline. The trouble is: No plan survives contact with reality. Things won't go as expected, conditions change, life happens. Then you have to update your plan - the whole sequence. A hassle at best, motivation killer at worst.

With deep planning, you don't create sequential plans. Instead, you create a hierarchy. Think about what you want to achieve for your goal this year. Based on that, what do you want to achieve this month? This week? Today?

This way you can easily plan your life strategically and adjust your plans with little effort.


Life is learning. To achieve your goals you have to constantly adjust and improve your approach. Self-reflection is the tool to just that.

At the end of each planning period, your goal achievement app Focality will ask you to look back. What went well? What not? How can you improve? Think about your achievements and your potential.

By making this an integral part of the process, self-improvement will become second nature to you.

A Goal Achievement App for iOS, Android and the Web

Use Focality on any device. With native apps for iOS and Android as well as a smooth browser version, Focality is a goal achievement app that you can use anytime, anywhere. Reflect on your day using your phone on the couch. Check in on your goals during work on your browser. All data is synced between devices.


Set your goals and pursue them with consistency. Whether personal or professional, our goal achievement app will get you there.


Keep focused on your achievements. Always know what to focus on right now.

Unleash your potential

Use self-reflection and data-driven insights to unleash your potential.

Be proactive

Act, don't react. Take control of your life and form it proactively.

Be relaxed

Stop feeling overwhelmed. Use your solid plans to know where you are, where you are going and stop worrying.

Try now

Plan what you want to achieve - this year, this month and this week.


Frequently take a step back. What went well? What did not? How can I do better next time?


Improve yourself through your own reflections and data driven analysis.

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