Values Finder: Personal Core Values Assessment

Find your core values in 2 easy steps.

Discovering Personal Values

Conscious or not, everybody has values. They influence us and our decision making. They are part of our identity. If your life is aligned with your personal values, you feel contempt. If not, you feel an inner tension and become unsatisfied. Discover your values with a personal core values assessment so that it becomes easier to act in alignment with them. Use them to empower you.

Step 1: Browse

Find every value that resonates strongly with you. Values Finder gives you 500+ personal core values to browse playfully. Simply swipe right if the value resonates. Swipe left to skip it.

Select your personal values from an extensive list of 500+ examples
Group your values to distill your core values

Step 2: Condense

Place each of your chosen values into a group. Just drag your values around until you have up to five groups that feel right for you personally.

Finally, drag the value which is most representative for each group into the title field. These values are your personal core values.

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After Your Core Values Assessment

You have completed your core values assessment? Great! Once you know your core values, use them to guide your actions. Set goals that align with your values. Check your plans against them. Live by them.

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