Self-Improvement App

Improve yourself with deep planning, self-reflection and data-driven insights.

Create deep plans with ease. Proactively plan your day, week, month and year. Always know what to focus on right now.


“Reflection turns experience into insight” says John Maxwell. Focality gives you the framework to make the most of your experiences.


Use your self-reflection and data-driven insights to unleash your potential.

Be proactive

Act, don't react. Take control of your life and form it proactively.

Be relaxed

Stop feeling overwhelmed. Use your solid plans to know where you are, where you are going and stop worrying.

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Planning and Reflection

The foundation of leading a proactive life is having a plan. Always have a plan. Then reflect on its execution and improve your approach.

Focality makes this easy. You can effortlessly plan what your goals are for today, this week, month and year. Always know what your objectives are and don't get distracted by everyday challenges.

Unlike typical to-do lists, objectives in Focality have three states: Planned, done and failed. If you miss an objective, you get a chance to quickly write down what happened. Focality will compile a list of your most common failure modes. Find your weakness and act on it.

At the end of each panning period, you get a chance to take a step back and reflect. What went well? What not? What can be improved next time? This gives you the opportunity to value your achievements and learn from your challenges.

This continuous cycle of planning, reflecting and learning will help you become who you want to be.

A Self-Improvement App for iOS, Android and the Web

No matter which device you prefer, Focality will be there to guide your self-improvement efforts. With native apps for iOS and Android as well as a smooth browser version, Focality is a self-improvement app that you can use anytime, anywhere. Check your planned objectives on your desktop. Reflect on your achievements on your couch using your phone.


Plan what you want to achieve - this year, this month and this week.


Frequently take a step back. What went well? What did not? How can I do better next time?


Improve yourself through your own reflections and data-driven analysis.

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More about self-improvement

An app for self-improvement will help you to turn yourself into who you really want to be. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and use that knowledge to your benefit.

Focality's approach to self-improvement is interwoven with goal setting. Define your goals and Focality will help you to achieve them and grow along the way.

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